After I had primed my hubcap from the Landfill Art Project, I began the background painting:  I painted the lettering with a bright red field around the Pontiac logo.  For years I had seen Pontiac logos shown in red with white lettering, so I wanted to carry on the tradition.   The walls supporting the sides became a sky blue color.   A layer of cream yellow paint was then sponged on the wide brimmed base.  I then added a few more layers of varying earth tones to mimic the sandstone rocks-(Once upon a time, I had done many pieces of faux finished furniture, and had gotten  pretty good at stone work).  The details showing mesas and clouds were brushed in, followed by the black detailing that transplanted the antelopes and the rock art Indians into their selected spots.  I was getting closer to my vision…

Frick supervising the painting

Frick, one of the residents of the Funky Flamingo Studio supervising the painting of the hub cap