After I have done my first waxing (which took about 3 hours all together),  I paint on my first colors.  Batik is a lot like watercolor, and uses a lot of watercolor technique.  I work from the lightest colors to the darkest colors.  The difference is  that I have to let each color dry before I can paint on the next color of dye, or wax over the existing color to preserve it.  It uses the same process of color Easter eggs in many ways, except that my style is much more complex, with many more layers.  Sometimes one of my Batiks can have as many as 10 different wax and dye layers before I finnish.  I use professional strength cold water dyes (Procion MX), which are  much more colorfast than home dyes, like Rit.  The colors are much brighter as well.  The downside is that protective headgear, like a NIOSH mask or vapor mask should be worn, as the dye powder is full of known carcinogens.   I hate to see what my lungs will look like when I die.   I had used these dyes many times before I learned how bad they are for you.   This really starts to become a labor of love.