By now the painting is two-thirds covered with wax and dye, and I have a few more touches to add to it before I remove the wax.  When the detailing is complete, I spend the next hour removing the bulk of the wax from the fabric.  I do this by laying layers of blank newsprint over the image and ironing the wax out, repeatedly changing the paper, until I have a minimal amount of wax left in the fabric.   I then rinse the fabric in Synthrapol to try to remove any excess dye.   At this point, I deliver the piece to my dry cleaner, a friend who has taken care of me for almost 20 years, as most dry cleaners will not touch batik because of the wax residue left behind as a result of the dry cleaning process.  When  I pick up the piece a week later, I take it to an upholstery expert who helps me with finishing the edges and inserting the hanging bars to the top and bottom of the painting.  I then have to photograph the piece for my records.   I have more than 30 hours invested in the work.