The Final Printed Images

My two prints were part of a group of almost fifty different editions, done by artists and students.  One of the two images held more ink than the other, and appeared a little heavy to me in feeling.  The other seemed just right.  I returned to the studio with the prints and the plate, and colorized my images. To do this, I used watercolor paints, and applied some of the watercolor to go over the darker print and lighten the image.  When they were completed, one of them went on a group display on campus.  Afterwards, I took the images to my framer, Roger Gregory, and we decided that we wanted  to show the interesting patterns left in the paper as a result of the paver rolling over the pavement.  I then decided to finnish the original plate, which I painted in oils to bring out all of the fun little details I had added to the original plate.  I was finished with this project!

First printed image

One of the two printed images

the Three Seminole Fates

The 3 Fates Original Plate