Seated in Silence

When I finished the Steamroller Project, I discovered that there was a large measure of left over scraps of archival quality printing paper-the remnants from when the printed images had been  from the master roll .  I have always been a waste-not, want not kind of person(my brother and I used to create usable bicycles from cast-offs when I was little). I debated on what would be the best way to recycle this resource?  I then took these strips and tore them into smaller, narrower pieces, approximately 4 inches wide by about 36 inches long.  I  wove the strips together to form a new piece of paper,  and then the challenge began…How do I hold the pieces together to create a new image?  After a lot of gritting and gnashing of teeth, I finally ended up having to place a droplet of glue at the intersection of each strip.  It was very tiresome and time-consuming work.  When all was ready, I returned to the base image of my “Hava Tampa” painting.  I  still liked the image of the three Seminole women, so I took the seated women figures and blew them up to fit in the new paper space that I had created.  I then drew the outlines of the figures and the details using soy wax , which I had never worked with before. This was followed by painting the dyes directly on to the paper, and  waxing over some of the areas that I did not want the dye to bleed together.When the piece was all dyed and stained, I ironed out as much of the soy wax as I could before it was mounted.