Batik painting using soy wax of Old San Juan

Calle de La Cruz

A few years ago, an article appeared in the Fall 2007 edition of The Surface Design Journal about artist Betsy Benjamin and her use of Soy wax in creating batik images. I read the story and put it aside, thinking that I would like to try it sometime.  The opportunity arouse this last fall when I received some soy wax in an order from Dharma Trading Company, my dye supplier. I wanted to experiment with this wax, as I was seeking greener alternatives to mixing my beeswax with paraffin wax.   I tried using the wax in several different projects, the first was with the “Seated in Silence” painting.  I liked the results and kept on going.  In this situation, the soy wax was mixed with the beeswax, so that I would have a wax that was not too runny, and would harden faster.  I tried it again with another painting of a downtown street in Old San Juan:”Calle de La Cruse”.The sky and other ares of solid color did not flex well, and tended to break and create more crackle than I was used to, but I liked the final results anyway.