After I finally flushed out my ideas for reworking one of my banners, I took it over to a drapery company that I am presently working with to see if I could get the base pattern done.  I left the wall hanging, the fabric pieces, and my paper doll mock-up with them so that they would have something to work from.  two weeks later, I picked up the fabricated “sleeves” to my piece.  The next challenge was to draw and mimic the Seminole style patchwork onto the sleeves so that I can wax and dye them.  I was still having issues with which patterns and colors I wanted to use.  I consulted several history books featuring 1920’s vintage Seminole patchwork.  After re-drawing and washing the “sleeves” a few times, I think I have what I want to work with, and started the wax and dye process.  Who ever said that this project was going to be easy?