Last November, my husband Gill and I traveled to Belize and Guatemala for a vacation.  As a part of this trip, we wanted to revist the ancient Mayan city of Tikal, a place we had stopped at the previous winter.  This time we stayed on the national park grounds for two nights at the Jungle Lodge.  It was a great experience and we hope to do it again.  As a part of that stay, we took a sunrise tour with a guide who grew up on the site while his father worked as an archaeologist.  We woke up at 4:30 am and hiked onto the temple grounds by the light of a flashlight, drinking in the sounds of Howler monkeys and birdsong.  It was really impressive seeing the sun begin to rise behind the pyramids, especially so when we hiked to the top of Temple Four to watch the sun try to breakout from behind the clouds.    The whole experience gave me inspiration for some new art images.

The one I am featuring here is based on the scenes of two Fiery Billed  Aracaris (members of the Toucan family) feasting on the berries of the Christmas Palms that were growing outside our room.  They were a riot to watch, peeling the outer skins off the seeds and throwing the pits to the ground one after an another.  They were joined by some Keel Billed Toucans, so there were numerous squabbles over who would get the fruit.  I shot dozens of photographs, and chose one of these images for this painting.  I am also featuring some  works in progress images so that you can see the start to finish of this 40″ x 30″ painting.

Close-up of batik

Close-up view of Tucanos Tikal in progress

phot of new batik in progress

A view of the batik after the early stages of waxing and dyeing

2Toucans in Christmas Palms