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The Final Printed Images

My two prints were part of a group of almost fifty different editions, done by artists and students.  One of the two images held more ink than the other, and appeared a little heavy to me in feeling.  The other seemed just right.  I returned to the studio with the prints and the plate, and colorized my images. To do this, I used watercolor paints, and applied some of the watercolor to go over the darker print and lighten the image.  When they were completed, one of them went on a group display on campus.  Afterwards, I took the images to my framer, Roger Gregory, and we decided that we wanted  to show the interesting patterns left in the paper as a result of the paver rolling over the pavement.  I then decided to finnish the original plate, which I painted in oils to bring out all of the fun little details I had added to the original plate.  I was finished with this project!

First printed image

One of the two printed images

the Three Seminole Fates

The 3 Fates Original Plate


Printing Time

It was now time to print the plate that I had created.  This was going to be a real challenge, as all of the ridges and spots left by the placement of the buttons and sequins would end up slowing down the application of ink to the plate.  It took several applications of oil based ink to reach all of the nooks and crannies of the plate (like an English muffin).  I then took the inked plate out to the Visual Art Center’s driveway, where Professor Owen had the driveway asphalt paver lined up with markings he had taped on the pavement.  We lined up five plates at a time, then placed a long sheet of archival printing paper over the surface of the plates, followed by a heavy felt printing blanket.  Then the fun began.  Professor Owen made a slow pass with the paver over the plates,  the blanket was removed, and the paper was then lifted by the students and moved off to the side to dry.  The plates were removed and replaced by five freshly inked new ones, and the process was repeated until all the students had at least one, and some had two sets of prints.  This was an all day event!

Let the paving begin!

Plates being prepped for driveway paver

The prints after they have been printed by the driveway paver

The prints after they have been printed by the driveway paver